Draft Advertising Regulations for legal practitioners

The LSRA invites practising barristers who are not members of the Law Library to submit their views on new draft Advertising Regulations for legal practitioners.

The invitation is part of a month long consultation by the LSRA to seek the views of those who will be subject to the Advertising Regulations, which are required in order for Ireland to comply with European Union law.

How to Share Your Views

The LSRA wishes to hear from legal practitioners who are not members of a professional body (i.e. barristers who are not members of the Law Library), pursuant to section 218(3)(b) of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015.

If you are a barrister in this category, you are invited to contact the LSRA by email on [email protected] to request a copy of the draft Advertising Regulations by email.

The LSRA will receive written submissions by email at the same address.

The consultation will close on 16th November 2020. No extensions of time to the month long consultation can be facilitated.

Background to Consultation

On 24th January 2019, the EU Commission issued a Reasoned Opinion addressed to Ireland on the incompatibility of certain restrictions under Irish Law on commercial communications by lawyers with European Union law.

Following recent correspondence with the EU Commission, the LSRA has committed to doing its utmost to ensure Advertising Regulations are introduced in December 2020, in accordance with the process set out in the Act.

The LSRA earlier sought views on advertising regulations from a wide range of organisations and individuals, between August 2019 and March 2020. Those submissions have been carefully considered and draft Advertising Regulations have now been prepared.

The LSRA is also engaging directly with the professional bodies for barristers and solicitors in relation to this second phase of consultation on the draft Advertising Regulations.