Our Innovation Programme

The LSRA will encourage and introduce innovations based on evidence-based research and extensive consultation with key stakeholders.

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Innovation in new business models

Limited Liability Partnerships

In November 2019 the LSRA introduced the framework that allows solicitor partnerships to apply for authorisation to operate as Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

This is intended to put Ireland on a par with other jurisdictions that have operated LLPs for a number of years. It also has the potential to increase competition in the legal services market, reduce professional indemnity insurance costs for LLPs and consequently lower legal costs for consumers.

For more information see our Limited Liability Partnerships page.

Legal Partnerships

The Minister for Justice will be introducing legislation to allow the LSRA to introduce the framework for Legal Partnerships as a new business model for legal service delivery in 2020.

The LSRA’s reports to the Minister on Legal Partnerships are available on the Publications Page.

Multi-Disciplinary Partnerships

Once Legal Partnerships have been introduced, the LSRA will consider whether Multi-Disciplinary Practices would be a viable and positive model for legal services delivery.

The LSRA’s reports to the Minister to date on Multi-Disciplinary Practices are available on the Publications Page.

Innovation in legal education and training

The LSRA has conducted research and held extensive consultations and a symposium as part of its review of legal education and training, as required by section 34 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015.

Our work in this area is ongoing in 2020.

Details of the LSRA’s consultations on Education and Training are available on the Consultations page.

The LSRA’s reports to the Minister on Education and Training are available on the Publications page.

Innovation in the Public Interest

Roll of Practising Barristers

The LSRA has established a Roll of Practising Barristers (the Roll) which for the first time captures all practising barristers in a single resource. Members of the public can now access our fully searchable online Roll when looking for the services of a barrister or can check that a barrister engaged on their behalf is entitled to practise in the State.

For more information see our Roll of Practising Barristers page.