LSRA Twitter Policy – What to Expect from Us

The primary purpose of our tweets is to communicate news and information about the work of the LSRA, including:

• Our publications, including reports in the area of legal services regulation.
• Consultation notices and consultation deadline reminders.
• Updates on legislation, including statutory instruments and commencement orders.
• Statistical information and analysis on the complaints we receive and investigate about solicitors and barristers.
• Information notices for solicitors and barristers who we regulate.
• Information for consumers of legal services.
• General news items about the LSRA and our work.
• Event information.
• Speeches and presentations by Authority members and staff.
• Information about our recruitment campaigns.
• Retweets of posts by other users that we think will interest our followers.

Who we follow
We follow relevant accounts related to legal services provision, legal education and training and consumer affairs. These include professional bodies, law schools and departments, public bodies and statutory agencies, non-governmental organisations, other regulators, law firms and legal publications.

Retweets and follows
Retweets may be used to highlight relevant appropriate events or announcements, particularly those from other public bodies. Retweets from the LSRA account do not imply endorsement of any kind. As an independent statutory agency and public body, we won’t be participating in party political debates or discussions.

If you follow us on Twitter, we will not automatically follow you back. Sometimes we will follow you so that we can exchange direct messages. If we do follow a

Twitter account, it does not imply endorsement. If we unfollow, we are simply tidying our timeline.

What to expect from this account
The LSRA Twitter account is managed by the team in the Communications, Research and Innovation Department.

Normally this account will be updated and monitored during office hours, 9a.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday. We will sometimes tweet from events outside of these hours.

We welcome feedback and will read all @messages and try to join the conversation where possible. We are happy to respond, where relevant, to queries from the public and legal practitioners. However, due to resource constraints, we won’t be in a position to reply to all comments and queries. This account will not be used to respond to detailed queries.

Contacting Us
Please note that sending a message via Twitter will not be considered as contacting the LSRA for official purposes and we are not obliged to monitor or respond to requests for information on social media. Failure to engage should not be viewed as a refusal to comment on a particular issue.

If you need to contact us in an official capacity or you need information please email us on [email protected], or check out our website –

If you would like to make a submission in relation to a consultation or any aspect of our work please do so by email, phone or post using the details on our website.

If you wish to make a complaint about a solicitor or barrister, please do so via our Complaints and Resolutions Unit. Full information about how to make a complaint is available on our Complaints page.

Personal and private information
Please do not include personal/private information in your tweets to us. This is for the protection of your personal data and private information.

Respecting other users
We believe that being active on social media is an important part of our work. We also think that it is important that social media users should engage in a way that is courteous and respectful. We aim to engage with others who share these values and we welcome your input and thoughts.
If you think we’re not living up to these principles on social media, get in touch at: [email protected]

How we moderate this account
We will avoid engaging with accounts that are aggressive, abusive or offensive. We will remove comments or content that is abusive or offensive or amounts to spam. Abusive, offensive or spam tweets may result in accounts being blocked and users being reported to Twitter.

We aim to moderate the content on our Twitter account in a timely manner. However this may not always be possible. You can contact us to report content that you believe breaks is offensive or abusive or amounts to spam. You can also report it directly to Twitter.

Our Twitter account is hosted by Twitter. You can find Twitter’s privacy policy at