Report to the Minister for Justice & Equality under Section 34 of the Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 (Education and Training of Legal Practitioners):

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority has submitted a report to the Minister for Justice and Equality on the education and training of legal practitioners, as required by section 34 of the 2015 Act. The report has been laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas and is available, along with the submissions received as part of the Public Consultation under the Act, in our Section 34 Report section.

In fulfilling its obligations under section 34 of the Act, the Authority engaged Hook Tangaza consultants to conduct a review of legal education and training, and their detailed report to the Authority is also available in the Section 34 Report section.

The Authority is not making recommendations to the Minister for Justice and Equality under section 34 at this time, as there is a programme of further work still to be carried out. The Authority’s report to the Minister outlines our plan to conduct further engagement with the key stakeholders in the area of legal education, leading to a symposium to be held in September 2019.


30 May 2019

Update – 30 May 2019 – Section 34 Submissions now uploaded.